Slowed down

Things were going well with the Safari flooring project, but now progress is going to slow down.  I woke up Thursday morning with a sore throat, which inevitably means a cold the next day, and if history is any guide I’ll be unable to do the long days I’ve been putting in lately.  Thursday we didn’t work on the trailer at all.  Instead I ran around town trying to get everything done that I could before the virus really hit.

One of those errands was to get a nice piece of black walnut, measuring 2″ x 2″ x 30″, at the local woodworker’s supply store.  This will be used to replace the oak entry door threshold that came with the trailer, once I’ve shaped it and coated it with polyurethane.  The original oak was looking very tired, plus it never really matched the rest of the decor, and it didn’t fit well.  The new piece will fit perfectly, because I’ll take much more time to fit it than a factory assembly line can afford to do.

Today Mike and I laid six more pieces of vinyl plank, just so that the center of the trailer could be considered done, and then we re-installed the master bed platform.  With that, the bedroom is done.  We can haul the mattress back in and make the bed.

Bed reinstalledI think for the next few days an hour or two is all I’ll be spending on this project.  I won’t work on the threshold for a while, because with a virus in my system I’m likely to cut off my own fingers on the table saw.  There are plenty of other little projects to wrap up instead, and maybe some small improvements I can fiddle with as we put the rest of the furniture back in place.

So far I’ve noticed that the thicker vinyl planks are slightly softer on the feet than the original floor covering.  The darker pattern definitely masks dirt and minor gaps (1/16″) between the planks as they shrink and expand in different temperatures.  But these are only first impressions.  It will take a real roadtrip to prove out this material.