Recipes from Alumapalooza

Lots of people have requested Eleanor’s recipes from her two cooking demonstrations at Alumapalooza.  We’ll be posting them over the next few days on the Alumapalooza website.  The first one is already up, for Bananas Foster.  See it here.

We’re leaving the Airstream factory this morning, for a stopover at Lou & Larry’s house near Cleveland tonight.  That’s about a 4 hour drive through a lot of pleasant Ohio countryside.  Time to go hitch ‘er up …


  1. insightout says

    Will the demos include photos (up close and personal) of Eleanor’s recent attempt in the week prior to the big event, at self amputation of a normally useful digit ?

    Inquiring minds want to know: did you use the 1st aid kit in the GLK ?

    Last week, AOL had a story about a man who put a gash in his 8 y/o son’s head (for backtalk), then attempted to dress the wound by stitching using nylon line and a fishhook, which later became infected (the boy’s head not the tackle box).

    Arrested for “child abuse”, he claimed he was only trying to help the boy.