… and the funny part was …

I like to see businesses advertising that they are going to do a promotional trip with an Airstream.  Why wouldn’t I?  It means that I’ve got another article to commission for a future issue of Airstream Life.  That’s my bread and butter.


So I was pleasantly surprised to see in the pages of our local “community living” magazine that the Tucson restaurant called KingFisher is advertising some sort of “Road Trip 2011,” and in the ad appears a little Airstream being towed by a vintage pickup truck.

I wonder what that means?  I could not find details about this promotion on their website, but it sounds intriguing.  It would be great if the road trip actually included an Airstream.  All too often the graphic design folks snag a bit of clip-art featuring an Airstream when the planned promotion involves no trailer or all or (far worse) some sort of “white box” trailer instead.  I’ll try to find out.

kingfisher-tucson.jpgBut if they are towing an Airstream, they’ll need to carefully review their towing setup.  The trailer in the picture has a significant problem — can you spot what it is?  (Click on the image for a better view.)

Yes, it’s being towed backwards.   The first tip-off is that the entry door is on the wrong side of the trailer.  Look more closely and you can see that the little lip on the left end is actually the bumper, not the hitch.

Now that I think of it, perhaps it’s a better idea that they not take an Airstream …


  1. Tom Palesch says

    A very successful Airstream featured business promotional tour is going on as we speak: Four young women are touring the US promoting good health and wellness and have an impressive list of corporate sponsors. These very professional women are excellent A/S citizens and help spread the good word of life on the road in an AIRSTREAM.


  2. Adam Maffei says

    I think these folks would benefit hugely from your Newby’s guide !

    So glad you are in countdown mode. Our trip down south nearly whetted the appetite – Also, hope yours is back!

  3. Jeff Cook says

    Am I right that the trailer wheels are also far forward, making it backheavy? Hope to see everybody in a couple weeks!

  4. insightout says


    Strange that an eatery in the desert would name itself after a winged creature that is known primarily as a shore bird. Isn’t the nearest beach nearly a thousand miles away? Maybe the owner’s initials are K. F., or perhaps his wife thought the name would be cutesy. Hard to assess the mindset when they pull an airstream in reverse.

    Haven’t done a wiki on the kingfisher (leaving that to Bill D’s History Express), but I don’t recall ever seeing one in southern AZ.

    Think of it this way. When you and Eleanor retire, you can open your own restaurant, The Sahuaro Cactus Cafe in Ferrysburg, Vermont. At least you know which end to hitch.

  5. Eleanor says

    Just an FYI, the Green Kingfisher has begun nesting locally in south Arizona, spreading north from Mexico. It’s preferred habitats include small, clear streams, quiet pools, and backwaters like those found along the San Pedro River area and in the canyons of the Huachuca Mountains.

  6. says

    Well, ‘Wild horses couldn’t keep us away’, but wild software bugs could, so I’ll flounder about a little longer here at the bottom, under ‘Sixteen Tons’…

    ‘and the funny part was’… that I had been ‘Back from my sabbatical’ long enough to present a new post, which should have brought me to the surface to gasp for air,

    but it vanished in thin air, so I’ll remain here in ‘the depths of despair’ until the bugs fly away or the world comes to an end… which would be a sad affair.