Notes from the camera

Quite often as we go, I use the camera as a notepad, snapping shots of things we see so that later when I’m writing the blog I’ll remember the little things that happened during the day.  This works well except when I borrow Eleanor’s camera and then forget to download the photos that evening.  By the time I remember, the blog has been written and the photos are obsolete.

But sometimes they are just a little too interesting to toss away.  So today I present to you a little compendium of misplaced images from the past couple of weeks, as retrieved from Eleanor’s point-and-shoot digital camera today. These are the “little moments” that made up our days.

i-90-lsd-diesel.jpg Item #1.   You can still buy the wrong diesel fuel if you’re not careful.  It is commonly believed that all diesel fuel now sold is the newer “Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel,” (ULSD) which is required to protect the emissions systems of 2007 and later engines. In California that is true, but other parts of the country still have until this fall to switch over.

i-90-lsd-diesel-closeup.jpgPutting the wrong fuel, confusingly named “Low Sulphur Diesel,” (LSD) in a late-model diesel such as ours can be an expensive mistake.  We recently found the LSD stuff at a highway rest area along I-90 in New York. There’s always a label disclosing it, but you have to look closely.

Another tip-off:  LSD is about 5-10 cents cheaper than the going price for ULSD, so it looks like a great deal, double-check that it’s the right stuff.  This station didn’t sell ULSD, so we had to go elsewhere.  Diesel owners beware!

alumapalooza-flying-slade.jpgItem #2:  yogaFLIGHT can be good for your health.  We were stressed out, sweaty, hungry, and grumpy after Day 2 of Alumapalooza.  I had just spent most of the day parking trailers in the hot sun, between thunderstorms that threatened to send us all to the Land of Oz.  And then slaDE insisted we go do their yogaFLIGHT deal, which was the last thing I wanted to do at that moment.

But then it occurred to me:  what better test for yoga than to try it when you feel at your worst?  So I emptied my pockets, took off my shoes, and let slaDE do his thing.  Suddenly I was floating in the air, listening to his incredibly calming voice, feeling completely safe and wishing it wouldn’t end.  Stress gone.  I’ll be joining their yoga class next year when we do Alumapalooza again.

I am hoping we can cross paths later so that they can teach us their style of partner yoga in a private session.  Maybe in Tucson this winter.

the-spot-photo-setup.jpgItem #3: Three genuises are better than one.   This image demonstrates guys doing guy stuff.  In this case, meticulously setting up a camera for a group shot outside The Spot To Eat diner in downtown Sidney, Ohio.  slaDE offers useful advice, I scrutinize, and Sean does the positioning.  It took less than five minutes for our combined Dream Team to set up this shot atop a newspaper box, without benefit of a tripod.  Ladies, keep in mind how useful we are.

garmin-booboo.jpgItem #4: Your GPS doesn’t know everything.  I’ve mentioned in prior blogs how you can’t trust the GPS when towing — especially when you get close to state parks!  Follow the official brown signs instead.

This shot shows our Garmin advising us to get back to Route 8 in the Adirondacks.  According to it, we were wandering around in the forest somewhere.

Fortunately, we made it back to Route 8 quickly, as evidenced by our current speed.  Note that the GPS has us traveling at 554 miles per hour.   I don’t normally tow the Airstream that fast, but we were in a hurry.

rhubarb-bread-pudding.jpgItem #5:  Eleanor continues to cook.  No shocker here, but since she hasn’t done a video lately I thought you might want to know that we are still benefiting from Eleanor’s culinary treats.  The latest is a rhubarb-raspberry bread pudding, seen here.  Lou gave us a bunch of cut rhubarb from their patch last week.  We used to have a rhubarb patch of our own, and have missed it over the years.

Normally she makes a rhubarb crisp or pie, but there wasn’t quite enough so she came up with the idea of a bread pudding.  We happened to be in the Christmas Tree Shop over the weekend and Eleanor picked up a few things to make the pudding interesting.  The rhubarb sauce was the kicker: pour it over the pudding and … well, I shouldn’t say too much because it’s too late for you to try ours.  But trust me, it was a very successful experiment.


  1. says

    I was just thinking of you and wishing that you were still blogging–you told me you stopped your blog, but were going to start a new one. I was too distracted to look for the new one! Glad I found it. I can live vicariously through your on-going Airstream adventure. I need a dose of that every now and then. My new Fit is serving me well, but I do sometimes miss my Dodge and of course my ’73 Airstream. Say hello to Eleanor, Emma and Colin when you see him. I am still blogging at irregular intervals at Cheers, Jim

  2. Lisa Forsyth says

    The three geniuses one is my fave! I am getting much amusement out of reading your blog Rich..and it was great to meet you and Eleanor and Emma!

  3. says

    I LOVE the three geniuses at work photo! Wishing I had my camera to snap you guys rather than you three trying to craft the perfect shot with my camera :)

    And certainly, if passing through Arizona this winter, we’ll be sure to teach you a few tricks to have the girls screaming with delight even at the mention of yogaFLIGHT (and when I say girls, I mean Eleanor and Emma :)).

    Hugs from Canada


  4. says

    Geniuses indeed! A few credit cards for shims and a ready, pose later, voila.. instant greatness 😉 Thank you for the kind words Rich. I was so happy to have the opportunity to share the gift of yogaFLIGHT with you Eleanor and the wonderful brave souls that would trust in the experience of something new. Something for everybody and everyBODY :)