Taking the First Step

man_in_the_maze.jpgIf you’ve been following the Tour of America weblog, you already know me and how I’ve come to this point.   If not, you’ll figure it out.   I am just like you, symbolized by the Man In The Maze, who travels through life from dark to light, growing larger in relation to his surroundings by learning and making choices at every turn.


  1. Bill Doyle says

    Well, you won’t get a Purple Heart, but perhaps Dr. C. will recommend you for the Badge of Courage for joining your fellow authors here on Airstream Life Online Community.

    Congratulations… Thanks for the memories that you shared on your Tour of America blog… and thanks for taking the first step here. And finally…

    Welcome Home!

  2. Renee says

    Congratulations on starting this new blog. Major life transitions are indeed thought provoking. They, like travel, stretch us and give us the opportunity to grow and have our lives enriched with new experiences. Your transition is another step to a new realm of adventures. I look forward to hearing more.


  3. Peter Nault says

    As you well know, life is nothing but change and rebirth. Little remains the same, much like trying to throw a very successful party a second time in exactly the same way as the first. It just doesn’t work out the same, and the results are usually not comparable.
    Best wishes in your new endeavor. I enjoy your writing and plan to tag along for the new adventures. Thanks also for your past blog. I’ve enjoyed following it for several years.

  4. insightout says

    You are a victim of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and cannot control the urge to blog. There is, fortunately, treatment available. Information below concerning Anafranil.

    Take two 50 mgm. capsules, dissolve them in your favorite box of red house wine, drink up, and plan a trip.
    Please mail a check for $ 30 for the house call.

    Dr. C.

    from the PDR:

    Anafranil, a chemical cousin of tricyclic antidepressant medications such as Tofranil and Elavil, is used to treat people who suffer from obsessions and compulsions.

    An obsession is a persistent, disturbing idea, image, or urge that keeps coming to mind despite the person’s efforts to ignore or forget it–for example, a preoccupation with avoiding contamination.

    A compulsion is an irrational action that the person knows is senseless but feels driven to repeat again and again–for example, blogging perhaps dozens or even scores of times throughout the day.

  5. says

    QUOTE An obsession is a persistent, disturbing idea, image, or urge that keeps coming to mind despite the person’s efforts to ignore or forget it–for example, a preoccupation with avoiding contamination…END QUOTE

    MY GOLLY!!! So Airstreaming is categorized in a psych book??? I was more comfortable with just being ‘disturbed’.
    I would assume that ‘contamination’ refers to fiberglass?
    As Dr. Sidney Freedman said in a MASH show, “Ladies and gentlemen, pull down your pants and slide on the ice…”.
    The Rich, Eleanor, and Emma Experience continues, and I for one, am very pleased.

  6. J. Rick Cipot says

    OK Rich, a new life style starts after a wonderful trip and Sandi and I are pleased that we were a small part of it. Of course we still have many new adventures before us and we look forward to them. So, which five states did you miss?

    Rick & Sandi

  7. says

    We missed North Dakota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alaska. We barely touched Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. I don’t count drive-throughs as visits, our rule is that you have to sleep there and at least spend a couple of days exploring.

    Clearly we’ve left the job incomplete. I suspect we’ll be out there again next year, quite a bit. It’s a big country, and three years is just not enough.

    — RL

  8. mistral blue says

    Ahhh, so THIS is where I’ll be getting my Luhr fix….

    (Heart rate returning to normal)

  9. says

    Hey there Rich! Checking out the new blog. I recently started a new one as well. Appropriate. Still chronicling my life as a full time Airstreamer (even if I don’t go anywhere).

    Good luck on the new site!!!

  10. says

    Do you have to sleep there in an Airstream, or just sleep there? You’ve raised the bar, again, with your suggestion we also must explore each state, not just sleep in them. Ah well, we wanted a do-over in most of the places we’ve visited anyway.

    Y’all seem always to do areas so thoroughly — you inspire us. Thanks.

  11. john says

    well Rich, all good things come to a end and new adventure awaits you and family. good luck,John #3510.

  12. says

    Congratulations on the Tour….Airstream Life magazine….and now the other American Dream…..glad to be able to continue to keep up with the three of you and what happens next….