The Airstream Life universe

It’s a new year and I plan to make it an exciting one!

Over the past five years, my family has traveled extensively in our Airstream, and we’ve had a lot of fun.  But fun was just the icing on the cake.  Our travel also helped build a business, one that really could not have developed if I was sitting in an office somewhere.  Traveling by Airstream enabled me to meet hundreds of people who now contribute to Airstream Life in some way (I’m talking about writers, photographers, advertisers, sponsors, business advisers, organizers, vendors, and of course the all-important readers like you).

By living in our Airstream and working from the road full-time for three years, we were able to reduce expenses during the critical phases of the business development.  And there’s no substitute for actually living the lifestyle, if you’re going to try to write about it.  The Airstream really has been the most important business tool we have.

I’m particularly grateful to all of the people who contributed in small ways, by offering us courtesy parking, advice, introductions, logistical support, and many other opportunities. It’s time to “pay it forward” as much as I can.  So in the past year I’ve been working on expanding the range of things we give back to the Airstream community.

It occurred to me that a lot of blog and magazine readers may not be aware of the full range of great stuff we’ve launched recently, and the things yet to come.  So let me list them all for you.  In addition to our acclaimed quarterly print magazine “AIRSTREAM LIFE”, we offer for your pleasure:

  • A free online edition of Airstream Life magazine.   This version is drawn from the print version, but it’s shorter and available only online.
  • Six active in-house blogs about RV travel (counting this one) plus four other external blogs on our Community page.
  • A free photo/video sharing site focused specifically on Airstream owners.  You can view all kinds of photos and videos related to Airstream travel, and share your own!  Coming soon: We’ll be launching a series of short “411 videos” which give viewers quick tips on tools, techniques, and best practices related to their Airstream, hosted by me.
  • The official annual community event, to be held at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center in June 2010, called “Alumapalooza“.  Alumapalooza will be an annual event, and we are working on a west coast version as well.
  • Starting February 2010, we will re-launch Airstream’s official monthly email newsletter, “AIRSTREAMER.”  Rather than pointing you to existing articles on the web, this lively newsletter will be written and edited by Airstream Life staff.  (Sign up to get AIRSTREAMER free here.)
  • Coming in February 2010: We will introduce a new podcast, called “Airstream Life Swap Shop,” which will be distributed weekly.  This show will combine two co-hosts and frequent guests from the community, talking about all things Airstream and taking calls from listeners who want to buy/sell/trade anything related to the lifestyle.  It will sort of a mashup of “Car Talk” and eBay.  If you’ve got something you want to buy or sell, call us at 510-473-SWAP anytime.

You might notice that except for the print edition of Airstream Life and Alumapalooza, everything on this list is free.  There’s no charge whatsoever for our photo/video site, AIRSTREAMER Newsletter, the Online Edition of the magazine, the blogs, or Swap Shop. It’s all about supporting the community that has supported us.

There’s more coming too, but I can’t talk about everything we’re working on just yet.  Trust me, it’s going to be an exciting year! Enjoy.